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posted by Joe on Friday, January 12, 2007 Share/Save/Bookmark

January 26th is sneaking up quickly - so here's what's going on so far on the first BikeFriday of 2007:

  • Group Commute
    The concept is simple - let's meet up in groups and ride to work together. Biking to work can sometimes be dangerous - but it's safer when you ride with other people, and that's why the Group Commute is happening.

  • Bikers Breakfast
    Join the folks at Grassroots-Danforth, 372 Danforth Avenue @ Chester, for our monthly "Biker Breakfast" in support of Toronto's Bicycle commuters. On the last Friday of every month Grassroots will host an early morning bicycle commuter breakfast between 8am-9:30am. Grassroots would like to support and encourage all of those folks that commute to work by bike, and hopefully we will inspire others to try commuting by bike. On Friday January 26th, plan to stop by Grassroots-Annex for a delicious, wholesome breakfast snack.

  • Critical Mass
    Join lots of other Toronto cyclists for the downtown ride called Critical Mass! Meet from 6:00 - 6:30 PM on the south-east corner of Bloor & Spadina.
Know of an event going on Jan. 26th? Let me know in the comments and we'll publicize it here and on the BikeFriday site.


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