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posted by Joe on Monday, January 29, 2007 Share/Save/Bookmark

A bike-tastic vision for the waterfront (Spacing Wire)

The graph on page 30 of the report illustrates the massive increase in bike traffic during the Quay to the City “test drive” in August. Page five shows bike traffic increased from 10 to 661 at the west-bound evening peak. I would call a 60-fold increase an “overwhelming need” rather than a “demand,” but, hey, that’s just me.

That Bike is Pimped! (Torontoist)

The bike is being used to courier postcards with personal hand scribbled greetings to people whose addresses are within the border of St. Clair & Queen's Quay and Roncevalles & Carlaw. The cards – that depict a man casually riding his bike into a Dutch canal – are being dispatched every Monday until they have all been delivered.

Bring on the bike lanes (Eye Weekly)

Community councils now have the power to approve bike lanes (unless they somehow conflict with city bylaws). That's good news for Toronto and East York, whose bike-friendly councillors will be able to outvote cyclists' public enemy No. 1 on council: Case Ootes.
(bikelane stuff at end of linked page)

2007 Budget Process gets underway, time to support funding the Bike Plan (BikeToronto)

The 2007 budget process will get underway soon and the work to ensure that the Toronto Bike Plan is fully funded in 2007 has to start now. The budget process will start on February 8th, 2007. The first opportunity for the general public to make deputations will be on February 14th, 2007. Due to the revised budget process this year, this will be the only opportunities for the public to have formal input on setting the Capital Budget.


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