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posted by Joe on Monday, January 22, 2007 Share/Save/Bookmark

Can Bike Share live again? (Spacing Wire)
When CBN asked Crawford, who runs the city’s Inner City Outtripping Centre, for permission to store the yellow bikes in Lamport Stadium for the whole year (not just the winter), the thought of perfectly good bikes sitting unused for so long inspired him to take action. His idea: run BikeShare out of community centres with Parks, Forestry and Recreation footing the bill to hire a project manager and mechanic. The money, he says, is already there. Funds can be found by simply reallocating cash from underused programs, such as that guitar class nobody signed up for. Best of all, by running hubs out of community centres, the program will be able to reach a broader audience.

Squeegee panhandling washed out by Ontario Appeal Court (CBC news)

Public safety and the flow of traffic must override violations to freedom of expression when it comes to washing car windows in traffic, the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled.
While this isn't "Bike News", I don't like the possible precedent this decision sets. The "flow of traffic" is trumping personal rights in this case. These homeless people were stepping into traffic, but it was stopped traffic, so that's not really dangerous. The article says "The so-called squeegee practice — involving mostly young "squeegee kids," as they're known, halting drivers to clean windshields for money..." but the kids didn't stop the cars... just washed their windsheilds while the cars were stopped at red lights.

Don't stoplights stop the flow of traffic? Stop signs? Pedestrian crosswalks? Ahh, let's rip them all out. Don't even get me started on those damn cyclists...


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