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posted by Joe on Friday, January 12, 2007 Share/Save/Bookmark

Today marks the first anniversary of the first post I made on BikingToronto:

Welcome to Biking Toronto. This is the first post. That is all.

It wasn’t a very exciting start, but In the past year, I’ve made 458 posts and just over 24,000 unique visitors (based on a 6-hour cookie – if someone visits BikingToronto twice within 6 hours, they only count as one “unique” visit). This works out to an average of about 1.25 posts and about 66 visitors a day.

I’ve learned a lot about Toronto’s cycling community over the past year, and the issues it faces in Toronto… everything from getting local politicians to pay attention to (and promote) cycling as a great way for Toronto to be more livable and cleaner, to just simply making the roads a bit safer for those of us who chose to bike to work, to the store, to our friends, or just exploring the city.

I’ve met some great people doing this for the past year – I was going to list them all here but I’d inevitably miss someone, and since I don’t want to hurt any feelings I’ll just say you know who you are.

It’s been a busy year too… I got married, went on a few trips, started renovating our bathroom (it’s almost done), and changed jobs (at the same place).

I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve done regarding this site over the past year, but here are the highlights (in my opinion), other than reporting and commenting on news stories and events happening that effect and interest me as a bike commuter:

The Bikeshop Map – a very crude GoogleMap of Toronto Bikeshops. I need to update this (and try to incorporate the Toronto Cycling Map somehow).

I Bike T.O. – I thought of this as a easily recognizable symbol of the love of biking Toronto. CBN has used it as a fundraiser, and you can buy t-shirts or buttons with it at the BikingToronto Store (another thing I want to update). Oh, and a great cycling website in Washington D.C., the WashCycle has adapted the symbol for that city too! Very cool.

8 Secrets to Cycling in Traffic – A series of posts about tips I’ve learned biking for a few years with traffic… it takes some experience to learn some of these, so if I can help new cyclists learn these things faster, all the better. I will most likely re-post an updated version of these (I’ve thought of a couple additions) in March or April, when lots of new and returning cyclists start hitting the road for warmer Toronto months.

BikeFriday – A simple idea of trying to get lots of bike-related things happening once a month (the last friday) in addition to once a year during BikeWeek. All the news outlets swarmed around this in August, a mere week after I had the idea, and there’s been less attention lately… but that will change.

With 458 posts, there has been a lot of information on this page, and while the above 4 things have stuck out in my mind as significant, I’m wondering what you the BikingToronto reader has liked the most about this website over the past year.

Do you like certain posts other than others? Are the photos your faves? The news of bike-stuff happening in other cities?

Anyhow, thanks for coming here over the past year. I’m looking forward to the next one, and hope you are too.

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