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posted by Joe on Thursday, December 07, 2006 Share/Save/Bookmark

Autocentrism = bad. Bikism/Pedestrianism/Transitism = good.

Not moscoe, but not quiet (National Post)
Mr. Moscoe was always willing to wear a tie-dyed top hat, a bonnet, or even dress up like a pumpkin to promote his beloved transit system. Mr. Giambrone vowed yesterday to follow through on the substance of Mr. Moscoe's work, but said his style will be different.
Grow up, Toronto (Toronto Star)
Forget the stereotype of disengaged youth, too cool and monosyllabic to care; these kids are passionate about urbanity. They're fed up with same-old suburbanism and car culture. They love downtown and that's where they want to be.
Why You Should Jaywalk ( - from Montreal but equally applicable here in Toronto)
It’s hard to fault police officers for simply upholding the law, but should jaywalking even be illegal in the first place? Maybe it’s time to rethink the entire notion of jaywalking. Maybe, just maybe, jaywalking is actually good for cities.
TTC freezing fares for now (Toronto Star)
"Torontonians don't want a fare hike,'' he said, though he added it's premature to talk about increases at this time, given the new commissioners haven't even looked at the TTC's numbers yet.
When a Better Way walls off traffic (Toronto Star)

I'm including this Toronto Star "Fixer" story for it's absurdity. Apparently, drivers (and the Star, apparently), think that TTC buses shouldn't be allowed to stop to pick up passengers because they are a "visual barrier" to drivers.

Here's an idea for drivers - WAIT until you can see that the way is clear before stepping on the accelerator. What a novel idea!

Bollard Porn (Streetsblog, featuring the U.K. - where are Toronto's bollards?)
Watch as scofflaw motorists try to sneak into an express bus lane and are impaled on high-tech retractable bollards...
St. Clair plan has many benefits (Toronto Star)
It's time for a reality check on the St. Clair streetcar right-of-way to put to rest the myth of the barrier effect. What could be more of a barrier than multiple lanes of fast-moving cars and trucks endangering anyone trying to cross over?
(St. Clair is designed like Queens Quay, not Spadina - it's just a 6-inch rolled curb to the tracks... not a barrier at all!)

Making transit rapid (Eye Weekly)
Our plans could make transit great, but we're doing it wrong


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