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posted by Joe on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 Share/Save/Bookmark

Subject: CBN closes down BikeShare program
December 19, 2006
Contact: Maogosha Pyjor 416-504-2918

It is with regret that I am writing to tell you that, after six years of award-winning programming and service, the Community Bicycle Network's beloved BikeShare program will not be operating during the 2007 season due to a lack of funding.

While we will not be able to deliver the program, the Community Bicycle Network continues to explore opportunities that may allow some form of bike-lending program to continue next year.

We are extremely proud of the BikeShare program and this year's highlights include:
  • Receiving the 2006 Bicycle Friendly Business Award from the City of Toronto in the Best Overall category.
  • Signing up member number 2000.
  • Being featured at the Car Free Cities Conference in Bogotá, Colombia where participants from across the Americas and Europe learned about the program.
  • Media coverage in Green Living Magazine, EYE, NOW, and 24 Hours and CBC Metro Morning Show.
  • BikeShare Mechanic, John Hanje, acted as a consultant for a bicycle ride and repair feature for OWL magazine.
  • Continuing to be contacted by communities and groups across North America most recently: New Haven, Connecticut and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; University of Saskatchewan; Cornell University and St. Christopher’s House in Toronto.

Bike lending programs in North America are new and unique experiments in providing real transportation alternatives for real people. BikeShare was Canada's largest and longest-running project of this kind and this program's experience can be built on and learned from. Running a successful community-based bike-lending program is dependent on the participation, support and buy-in of the partners it works with and clients it serves. It also requires constant evaluation and innovation. In recognition of this, early in 2007, CBN will be consulting with BikeShare stakeholders in order to explore options for the future of community-based bike programming in Toronto.

We are profoundly grateful to our volunteers, BikeShare hub locations, members and sponsors whose time, support and generosity have made BikeShare possible for the past six years. These contributions put Toronto on the map in delivering quality communitybased sustainable transportation.

While this is a difficult step for CBN, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate BikeShare’s six years of phenomenal success and to thank everyone who participated in its success.


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