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Toronto's Weekly Carnage (Nov. 10th)

The Mission Statement
This city is backwards. It is not following the transportation policies of great cities - world class cities like London, Paris, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco, just to name a few. These are cities who realize that a great, efficient public transit network as well as encouraging cycling and walking makes a city great and livable and world-renowned.
Cycling Soldiers
Nothing is more exhilarating, efficient and enjoyable than getting on a bicycle zipping through the crowded streets of New York City, provided the rider does not mind assuming the role of transit pioneer and cycling soldier… there is a daily battle taking place on the streets of New York City between automobiles and bicycles.
Bike & Car-Free News (Nov. 13th)
David Miller at least gets the importance of public transit in Toronto. He may not have been able to implement the improvements that should have taken place since 2003, but he is working towards those improvements in politically pragmatic fashion.
Tax Credits for Cyclists Petition!

Black Balloons, A Review

Bike & Car-Free News (Nov. 15th)
I enjoy my commute to work because I ride my bike to work, not only am I getting some good exercise, I get to pass about a hundred cars that are waiting in line at traffic lights or stops signs. And on the way home I can take a more relaxing and less busy route.
The Ootes Challenge, Part IV
Mayor Miller Is Up To The Challenge?

Bike News from Other Cities (Nov. 15th)
Pedestrians and cyclists are crammed into the margins fighting over the scraps of public space that have been left to them. The real problem are the rows of parked cars hogging up street space throughout the city.
Today's Bike & Car-Free News (Nov. 9th)
Vaughan returns to the oft-raised issue of the lane widths on the re-constructed St. Clair, and asks — quite reasonably — why they need to be as broad as they are. Looking at the sections yet to be built, Vaughan believes it would be possible to narrow the vehicle lanes in order to buy extra space for bike lanes and sidewalks, even while leaving the segregated ROW in place.

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