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posted by Joe on Friday, December 22, 2006 Share/Save/Bookmark

Hi everyone,

Tracy and I will be out of town from tomorrow right until late on New Years Day. We'll be pretty internet-free the whole time, so the rest of your 2006 will have less than your normal amount of fresh BikingToronto posts. :)

We wish you a great holiday season and many happy times over the coming new year.

I'll be back here posting on January 2nd, most likely, and am aiming to do the following things in 2007:

Expand and Popularize BikeFriday:
I think that tons of organizations, businesses and individuals will do bike-related stuff on the last friday of every month. The key to BikeFriday being successful is encouraging events run on their own... BikeFriday isn't about organizing - it has neither the staff or money for that... BikeFriday is about about getting the word out about events on BikeFriday. I hope to get the City of Toronto involved more, as well as organizations like SmartCommute and local community groups.

Car-Free Lifestyle Posts:
Tracy and I don't own a car, yet we are renovating our bathroom. This involves using bikes for smaller things, the TTC for medium things and for larger things from Home Depot. We've found that it's very possible (and easy) to renovate without owning a car. I hope to post about our Car-Free bathroom renovation (with photos!) in January. The kitchen will be next... :)

BikeWeek 2007:
I'd like to get a lot more cycling events happening during BikeWeek this year - perhaps try and get the City to do a Group Commute EVERY DAY of BikeWeek (which is really 2 weeks...), instead of just once, and work with the Cycling Cog website to promote Group Rides around our great city - on the streets, on the waterfront, in the ravines, etc.

I'd also like to try and co-ordinate some kind of BikePooling thing in Toronto - have people going the same way on the same routes to ride in groups... this will not only increase their safety as drivers are more careful around groups of cyclists, but encourage more people to bike Toronto - as safety is by far the number one reason why people don't cycle.

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posted by Joe on Friday, December 22, 2006 Share/Save/Bookmark

Hey everyone,

Well, this month is the Holiday edition of BikeFriday.. which I realize is kind of weird, as most people have the day off from work, or are away visiting family, etc. Grassroots isn't even doing their "Bikers Breakfast", but I've been emailing with them, and it will be back on BikeFriday in January. :)

Tracy and I will be out of town for most of that week too, not getting back until New Years Day.

The Group Commutes will be going (at least in spirit), but for those of you in the city (or even if you aren't), if you have a chance to ride on December 29th, you'll be taking part in BikeFriday!

Hope you are all very well - things are looking cool for BikeFriday in 2007... for instance, the SmartCommute organization is interested in co-ordinating events with us! :)

Happy Holidays, hope you are all well.



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One killed in Mississauga rollover

Officer makes tearful apology in hit-run case

Teen Pedestrian Struck By Cab

Two Car Crash Involves Police Car On DVP

Driver Killed In Bizarre Deer Chain Reaction Crash In Orangeville

Rollover On Hwy 401

Mom charged in 'tragic' crash

Inspired by NYC's Streetsblog Weekly Carnage feature.

You can also access the Toronto's Weekly Carnage Archives.


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posted by Joe on Thursday, December 21, 2006 Share/Save/Bookmark

Dear Biking Toronto readers:

Joe has kindly asked for a status report on the "promotion of cycling" petition before we all take breaks from blogging and cycling politics over the holidays.

So here's the story:

The petition was conceived on Nov. 4, 2006.

It was placed online at on Nov. 16. As of today (Dec. 18) it holds over 2400 signatures, including those of former Canadian Olympic cyclist Curt Harnett, and well known coach Ziggy Martuzalski.

The Memorial Muse (in Newfoundland) wrote about the petition on November 30th.

Get Out There Magazine –both the western and eastern editions - will be writing about the petition in their Jan/Feb issue.

Toronto NDP MP Olivia Chow has agreed to present the petition to Parliament when we are ready to hand it over to her. An official petition must be in the traditional paper and ink format, with written signatures, and so we are planning to spend January and February collecting signatures, and handing the completed petition to Ms. Chow in March 2007.

To that end, we are searching for businesses across the country to offer themselves as "signing sites' for the paper version of the petition. So far the Toronto and Winnipeg locations of Mountain Equipment Co-Op have agreed to do this, as well as both branches of Grassroots in Toronto. If you would like to offer your place of business as a signing site, or if you are simply someone who thinks they can get lots of friends to sign, write to me at and I will send you the petition as an attachment. You could print it off (as many copies as you need), get people to sign, and then snail-mail it back to me in February.

The written version will contain the names of Curt Harnett, current Canadian Ironman champion Jasper Blake, and former Lance Armstrong teammate, and current T Mobile rider, Michael Barry.

To everyone who has helped out with this petition by emailing their friends and saying "Hey Sign This!" thank you so much.

Happy Holidays,

Chris (Tuco)


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Toronto's Weekly Carnage (Nov. 10th)

The Mission Statement
This city is backwards. It is not following the transportation policies of great cities - world class cities like London, Paris, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco, just to name a few. These are cities who realize that a great, efficient public transit network as well as encouraging cycling and walking makes a city great and livable and world-renowned.
Cycling Soldiers
Nothing is more exhilarating, efficient and enjoyable than getting on a bicycle zipping through the crowded streets of New York City, provided the rider does not mind assuming the role of transit pioneer and cycling soldier… there is a daily battle taking place on the streets of New York City between automobiles and bicycles.
Bike & Car-Free News (Nov. 13th)
David Miller at least gets the importance of public transit in Toronto. He may not have been able to implement the improvements that should have taken place since 2003, but he is working towards those improvements in politically pragmatic fashion.
Tax Credits for Cyclists Petition!

Black Balloons, A Review

Bike & Car-Free News (Nov. 15th)
I enjoy my commute to work because I ride my bike to work, not only am I getting some good exercise, I get to pass about a hundred cars that are waiting in line at traffic lights or stops signs. And on the way home I can take a more relaxing and less busy route.
The Ootes Challenge, Part IV
Mayor Miller Is Up To The Challenge?

Bike News from Other Cities (Nov. 15th)
Pedestrians and cyclists are crammed into the margins fighting over the scraps of public space that have been left to them. The real problem are the rows of parked cars hogging up street space throughout the city.
Today's Bike & Car-Free News (Nov. 9th)
Vaughan returns to the oft-raised issue of the lane widths on the re-constructed St. Clair, and asks — quite reasonably — why they need to be as broad as they are. Looking at the sections yet to be built, Vaughan believes it would be possible to narrow the vehicle lanes in order to buy extra space for bike lanes and sidewalks, even while leaving the segregated ROW in place.

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Subject: CBN closes down BikeShare program
December 19, 2006
Contact: Maogosha Pyjor 416-504-2918

It is with regret that I am writing to tell you that, after six years of award-winning programming and service, the Community Bicycle Network's beloved BikeShare program will not be operating during the 2007 season due to a lack of funding.

While we will not be able to deliver the program, the Community Bicycle Network continues to explore opportunities that may allow some form of bike-lending program to continue next year.

We are extremely proud of the BikeShare program and this year's highlights include:
  • Receiving the 2006 Bicycle Friendly Business Award from the City of Toronto in the Best Overall category.
  • Signing up member number 2000.
  • Being featured at the Car Free Cities Conference in Bogotá, Colombia where participants from across the Americas and Europe learned about the program.
  • Media coverage in Green Living Magazine, EYE, NOW, and 24 Hours and CBC Metro Morning Show.
  • BikeShare Mechanic, John Hanje, acted as a consultant for a bicycle ride and repair feature for OWL magazine.
  • Continuing to be contacted by communities and groups across North America most recently: New Haven, Connecticut and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; University of Saskatchewan; Cornell University and St. Christopher’s House in Toronto.

Bike lending programs in North America are new and unique experiments in providing real transportation alternatives for real people. BikeShare was Canada's largest and longest-running project of this kind and this program's experience can be built on and learned from. Running a successful community-based bike-lending program is dependent on the participation, support and buy-in of the partners it works with and clients it serves. It also requires constant evaluation and innovation. In recognition of this, early in 2007, CBN will be consulting with BikeShare stakeholders in order to explore options for the future of community-based bike programming in Toronto.

We are profoundly grateful to our volunteers, BikeShare hub locations, members and sponsors whose time, support and generosity have made BikeShare possible for the past six years. These contributions put Toronto on the map in delivering quality communitybased sustainable transportation.

While this is a difficult step for CBN, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate BikeShare’s six years of phenomenal success and to thank everyone who participated in its success.


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New York, NY

It's wheel simple - bikes go here
The city has installed signs and painted biker silhouettes on blacktop in Times Square and two other locations to remind drivers they must share the roads with cyclists.

SUV Attack

All the time, he is continuing to jam on his horn. I get off my bike to make it clear that I don't intend to move until he talks to me. He then turns his wheel sharply and from a complete stop guns the engine and drives straight through my bike.

Holy Rollers
“It’s the next big fight,” a biker who has been agitating to get cars permanently banned from the Central Park loop said recently. “I really think I’m doing God’s work.”

Chicago, IL

Chicago: A City Whose Mayor Cares About Bicycling
One reason it might happen is that it has the powerful support of the city's longtime mayor, Richard M. Daley, a biker himself. Chicago is a city where the mayor usually gets what he wants, and bicycles, along with health and environmental improvements, have been a near-obsession for Daley over the past several years.

Portland, OR

Portland Police to distribute bike lights, safety brochures

This is a great example of what’s possible when community groups, the city, and the police all come together for a common goal of making our streets safer!

Seattle, WA

Bicycle Master Plan for Seattle

So far the proposals include 21 mile (34 km) of bike trail and five new bicycle overpasses. There are also ideas for lane marking to allow autos and bikes to better share existing road space.

Washington, DC

Bike Station Design Meeting
The Bicycle Transit Centre will provide bicycle parking, rentals, repairs and accessories in a new state-of-the-art building at the west end of Union Station.

Beijing, China

Foreign Auntie Challeges Rule-Breaking Vehicle

At around 8:50am on October 20, 2006, on the road from the Zhaoyang East bridge towards the Blue Island Building, a funny episode occurred: a foreigner acted as traffic police and made a small sedan which had gone into the bicycle lane move back out into the car lane.


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Car crash claims one life, injures three

Pedestrians reminded about rules of the road

Deer survives collision on Bayview

Deadly Crash In Brampton

One dead, others injured in pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian killed in Mississauga

Brampton man killed after car hits light pole

2 more killed in bad week

Two More Pedestrians Struck As Ugly Trend Continues

Brampton man, 22, dies, 3 others hurt in car crash

Brampton man badly hurt in crash

Eight injured in pileups on Highway 401

Family Of 84-Year-Old Killed In Traffic Mourns His Loss As Police Try To Reduce Pedestrian Peril

Man, 84, killed crossing street

Motorists Warned To Slow Down As Icy Roads Cause Series Of Crashes

2 airlifted in Caledon crash

Eight injured in pileups on Highway 401

Elderly Man Struck & Killed As Pedestrian Traffic Carnage Escalates Again On City Streets

Five Pedestrians hit on Toronto streets in two days

4 more pedestrians injured on Toronto streets

Police continue search for hit-and-run van

Police see spate of vehicle-pedestrian accidents

Teen crash horror

Inspired by NYC's Streetsblog Weekly Carnage feature.

You can also access the Toronto's Weekly Carnage Archives.


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I use Blogger to publish BikingToronto... mainly because when I started this site almost a year ago I just wanted something really easy to use.

One thing I've always wished I could do was categorize the posts - to group like posts about certain things together... and now I can, since Blogger has updated itself.

I'll eventually put some links to each category over on the side of this page, but for now, here's what I've set up so far, for your browsing pleasure...

Toronto's Weekly Carnage


Toronto Bike News

Toronto Car-Free News

I'll of course add a lot more... for instance posts having to do with politics, and news from other cities... but with 400+ posts on here, it'll take some time.

I guess I'll have to label "meta" posts like this one with something too.


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Take the Tooker - Meeting This Thursday

Thursday, December 14th, 7:00 - 9:00pm
OISE, 252 Bloor St. W.
2nd Floor
There’s an abundance of topics to talk about and many upcoming projects that need brainstorming and helping hands:- Bike flag-making party
- Creating a recumbent promo-bike (Tooker-mobile)
- Holding bike-positive movie nights (Feb, Mar, and beyond)
- TTT website development
- Designing/writing petitions
- Group rides
- Tooker memorial events (Sat Mar 3 and Sun Aug 12)
- BikeWeek event (bike rally/street party)
- Fundraising

Take The Tooker - Testing Online Communities
In the interest of making TakeTheTooker and the Bloor-Danforth bikeway project more open and collaborative, we're experimenting with different online communities so people may find it easy to participate and get involved.

Please check out the first TakeTheTooker test community and see what you think!

Cycling Calendars for Sale
The "Cycle & Recycle 2007" calendars are now available. This is a fundraiser for the Tooker Gomberg Activist Fund. Get your copy today!

Toronto: Grassroots, 408 Bloor St. W. OR 372 Danforth

This 11" x 17", full-color, wall calendar celebrates the bicycle as an everyday transportation vehicle, in every season, throughout the world. Included with each month are remarkable photos of the bicycle as art and utility, captions, and provocative quotations and illustrations. In keeping with its title, the calendar can save us trees and paper -- it is reusable again in 2018 and 2029, when the 2007 calendar "recycles".

(The Cycling Santa image is courtesy of TTT)


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Turns out Martino fooled quite a few people today with his adaptation of a news release to make it look like Transport Canada had given BikeFriday 2.5 million dollars. I think in the real news release, the money went to

I have not received a cheque from Harper. I'm sure he wants to cut a big cheque for every cycling advocacy program in the nation, but his hand probably hurts from signing all those tax cut cheques for Big Oil...

Oh well.

Regardless, 2007 is going to be a big BikeFriday year... with or without 2.5 million dollars. :)

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This was tough to compile this week... there's been a lot of hit-and-runs, drunk driving deaths, and blame-it-on-the-weather deaths and injuries. It's rather depressing. Torontoist featured last weeks Weekly Carnage... interesting comments over there too.

Teen Charged After Serious Accident In Brampton

Another Pedestrian Hit On Toronto Streets

Two Hurt As Car Hits Tree

Two seriously injured in hit-and-run incident

Several hurt on T.O. roads

Woman charged after two crashes

Drinking blamed for 3 crashes

Bail in drunk-drive case

Mother's death breaks hearts

Drunk cop hits cyclist, runs (.pdf on Toronto Police Service website, via Martino's Bike Lane Diary)

2 seriously hurt in wintry Caledon crash

Pedestrian killed, 3 others hurt

Cop: Life for drunk drivers

Grandmother Killed In Car Crash

Rash Of Impaired Driving Incidents Plagues Toronto

Two Airlifted To Hospital Following Serious Crash

Woman Rescued From Don River After Crash Closes Part Of DVP

Weather blamed for three deaths

2 killed in spate of accidents

Innocent lives ride on choice

Mother of 4 mourned

Woman dead after car hits median

Mother of Four Killed in Suspected DUI

Bad day for pedestrians

Thieves Drive Van Through Convenience Store Window To Confront Clerk

Taxi in traffic dustup

A plea for caution as a friend is lost

Speeding car mounts curb, killing jogger

Accident Victim Pleads For Change

Inspired by NYC's Streetsblog Weekly Carnage feature.

You can also access the Toronto's Weekly Carnage Archives.


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Autocentrism = bad. Bikism/Pedestrianism/Transitism = good.

Not moscoe, but not quiet (National Post)
Mr. Moscoe was always willing to wear a tie-dyed top hat, a bonnet, or even dress up like a pumpkin to promote his beloved transit system. Mr. Giambrone vowed yesterday to follow through on the substance of Mr. Moscoe's work, but said his style will be different.
Grow up, Toronto (Toronto Star)
Forget the stereotype of disengaged youth, too cool and monosyllabic to care; these kids are passionate about urbanity. They're fed up with same-old suburbanism and car culture. They love downtown and that's where they want to be.
Why You Should Jaywalk ( - from Montreal but equally applicable here in Toronto)
It’s hard to fault police officers for simply upholding the law, but should jaywalking even be illegal in the first place? Maybe it’s time to rethink the entire notion of jaywalking. Maybe, just maybe, jaywalking is actually good for cities.
TTC freezing fares for now (Toronto Star)
"Torontonians don't want a fare hike,'' he said, though he added it's premature to talk about increases at this time, given the new commissioners haven't even looked at the TTC's numbers yet.
When a Better Way walls off traffic (Toronto Star)

I'm including this Toronto Star "Fixer" story for it's absurdity. Apparently, drivers (and the Star, apparently), think that TTC buses shouldn't be allowed to stop to pick up passengers because they are a "visual barrier" to drivers.

Here's an idea for drivers - WAIT until you can see that the way is clear before stepping on the accelerator. What a novel idea!

Bollard Porn (Streetsblog, featuring the U.K. - where are Toronto's bollards?)
Watch as scofflaw motorists try to sneak into an express bus lane and are impaled on high-tech retractable bollards...
St. Clair plan has many benefits (Toronto Star)
It's time for a reality check on the St. Clair streetcar right-of-way to put to rest the myth of the barrier effect. What could be more of a barrier than multiple lanes of fast-moving cars and trucks endangering anyone trying to cross over?
(St. Clair is designed like Queens Quay, not Spadina - it's just a 6-inch rolled curb to the tracks... not a barrier at all!)

Making transit rapid (Eye Weekly)
Our plans could make transit great, but we're doing it wrong


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All of us who bike Toronto know our roads are dangerous - and it's because of cars. Drivers going too fast (on some streets, 40 kmh is way too fast for the neighbourhood), not thinking of others, taking unneccessary chances to save a few seconds.

Cyclists are always aware of being almost killed all the time because a driver speeds right by them with inches to spare, all in an effort to save 2 seconds driving to work.

Drivers can do this because they are the bullies of the public roads. In a conflict with a pedestrian or cyclist, they always win.

The recent increase in pedestrian fatalities is all over the news, with reports that pedestrians are now being hit in signalled, lighted crosswalks. I saw this on the news this morning, but of course the "hosts" of a show like Breakfast Television encouraged pedestrians to be careful... not just drivers.

What the hell?

If someone can't cross the street at a lighted, signalled crosswalk, WITHOUT fearing for their life, there is something VERY wrong with this city. ESPECIALLY when the "news outlets" (fearmongers) admonish pedestrians for thinking that they, taxpayers, may have a right to use the PUBLIC space that our PUBLIC streets are.

Tomorrow's Weekly Carnage post is going to be huge. It's depressing.


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Ten ways of making cycling bearable in November (Times Online)

This is from England, with a lot of good advice now that snow is falling in Toronto. It's not just applicable to November in England. :)

Petition spins benefits of biking (The Muse)

Tuco's petition makes the news in Newfoundland! There are over 1700 signers so far... have you signed yet?

Mayor Miller asks Torontonians "How Do You Get Your Move On?" (Canada NewsWire)
The PSA features a cycling Mayor David Miller, Honorary Chair of Toronto's Get Your Move On (GYMO) initiative, encouraging everyone to join him in being physically active. "I'm pleased to be able to join leaders from health, recreation, and corporate sectors as well as others to take action on an important issue for the health and vitality of our city," the Mayor said.
Art to hold your eye, and your bike
Custom-crafted bike racks are giving some local colour to Parkdale's main strip.
BikingToronto and the Toronto bikeblog community scooped this story 3 months ago. :)

Community Bicycle Network 2006-2007 Survey
The Community Bicycle Network (CBN) is conducting research into the opinions of CBN supporters regarding the services the organization currently offers, has offered in the past, and may offer in the future. The results of the survey will help CBN set priorities and plan for the future.


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(view the Carnage archives as well)

Terrible 24 Hours For Pedestrians In T.O.

2 killed in spate of accidents

Mother of 4 killed by suspected drunk driver

Elderly woman struck by taxi

Woman Seriously Injured In 404 Rollover

2 injured in crosswalk hit-run

Officer, elderly motorist hurt in collision

Police release description of car in hit and run

Boy, 5, badly hurt in Brampton crash

Five people hit by cars

Police hurt as cruiser rammed

Little Boy in Serious Condition After Crash

Officer Injured After Checking Out "Sleeping Car"

Man killed in collision with dump truck

Family pleads for hit-and-run driver to surrender

Inspired by NYC's Streetsblog Weekly Carnage feature.


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